Grinding Down Welds

Grinding a weld into acceptance

Jan 03, 2014· Is a welder permitted to mechanically grind down a weld that that does not meet the acceptance criteria for D1.1 on its weld profile? On a cyclically loaded structure a welder has laid down several welds that are much larger than what is required and does not display a compliant weld profile.

Weld Finishing With Flap Discs

I've always used angle grinding discs to finish welds, but the ordinary grinding discs are very coarse and difficult to control, so I tended to grind almost back to the parent metal then use a little body filler. This is a (slightly worn - they come with straight edges) 40 grit flap disc.

What is the best way to grind MIG welds?

I prefer not to grind a weld if it is not necessary. If the weld has to be blended, I like flap disks like George. For heavy removal, a 36-grit disk on the 4.5 or 7 inch grinder. For welds that need to be dressed for appearance, but are in places where you can't get a disk on them, I like die grinders.

Grinding, polishing, blending in hard

If you have ever wondered whether a belt sander would be a good tool for grinding down a weld bead in a hard-to-reach area, wonder no more. The hand-held version of this tool, commonly called a finger belt sander or a file belt sander, is portable and equipped with a narrow belt to get into tight areas (see Figure 1 ).

When shouldn't you grind your welds?

I understand that a solid, pretty weld does not need to be ground down (a goal to work toward), but is there anything inherently wrong with grinding welds down smooth? Fillet welds don't usually need to be ground, unless there is a bad spot that needs rewelding, there is tremendously excessive reinforcement, or cosmetics require.

Grinding, smoothing welds | The H.A.M.B.

Jan 27, 2013· I've started body work on my '53 Bel Air and once I start grinding/smoothing my welds it looks like crap and I have to wonder how much metal I've removed from the surrounding area. I am using a 4" grinder with a hard disc take down the high welds and then a medium grit sanding pad.

Pros of weldit, is it ever OK to grind welds? : Welding

Apr 02, 2011· I've been discussing with a friend of mine whether or not it's ever OK to grind your welds. I understand that grinding down a weld reduces it's strength, and therefore a structural weld should never be ground down. Does grinding a non-structural weld for aesthetic reasons make you a bad welder? Is it ever OK to grind your welds? 58 comments. share.


The burr grinding technique is illustrated in Figure 5. The most significant improvement from this technique is probably related to the removal of welding-induced geometry and flaws near the weld toe; typical weld defects such as cold lap and undercut can be completely removed by these methods. Changing the weld toe radius from 0.004 inches to ...

How to grind aluminum welds?

WOW!! I just took a look! Thanks for all the replies!! All very helpfull! I should have been more specific. When I repair older alluminum castings, some times I have to grind out the weld and do it again, do to all the old oil and crap in the original casting, for me the grinding out never goes well, the stones load or just don't cut well, then I have to clean it all up again and weld again.

grinding/sanding down welds?

An angle grinder with normal grinding wheel to knock the tops off of the weld beads, switching to a flap disc to finish grinding the welds down and smoothing things out. The air die grinder with a cut-off wheel has it's advantages (less heat build-up) but is …

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May 04, 2020· Post subject: Re: Need advice on grinding down welds. Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 2:40 pm . O16-18: Joined: Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:07 pm Posts: 2995 Location: Spangle, WA I use a 3" diameter 3/16" grinding disc on an air powered cut off tool (right angle grinder). Some have success with flap discs, and I've tried them, but when I dress welds I only ...

Grinding on a D1.1 weld

Mar 16, 2012· However, all codes I am aware of have a clause where the inspector / examiner can terminate a weld test if there are questions over the welders ability (eg. excessive grinding, grinding of every pass) I have personally performed hundreds of weld tests over the years ( ASME IX, BS/EN287, AS/NZS 3992, AWS D1.1, AS 1554, NZS 4711 - both piping and ...

Grinding welds on roll cage | Pirate 4x4

May 05, 2008· In the case of a butt weld you can grind down all the way to base metal without loosing strength. Something like a rollcage or tubework on a buggy I personally would leave as welded over ground down. Something like a bumper fabricated from plate looks far better with welds ground smooth.

Stainless steel fine grinding

Use 40-, 60-, or 80-grain belts in a belt grinder to grind down the weld. Then use a coarse, medium, fine, or ultrafine conditioning belt to blend the surface. For flat surfaces, use an elastic drum and nonwoven nylon flat brush. Use a tube polishing wrap for pipes and tubes. Grain sizes up to 320 will produce the desired results even on ...

"Grinding" down an aluminum weld bead?

Jan 11, 2004· The down side is that they wear out faster than steel grinding disks. You definitely have to wear safety glasses and a face shield would be better (always a good idea in any case). There is also an additional debris clean up problem but they can really take off the material. I assume welding supply places have the aluminum grinding disks.

Any tips for grinding down welds | MIG Welding Forum

Apr 12, 2012· It may rise and so when you grind down the weld you will take some of the ori metal away. If it sinks then in trying to grind the weld flush with suround you will again start taking away the ori metal but still not get the weld to blend. ps the snug/tight fit it what I keep doing (old engineering habits are hard to kick).

what do you use to grind/smooth off the welds? | MIG ...

Apr 28, 2009· You can buy grinding discs made from the same stuff that are about 6mm thick. They are the most economical way to grind a weld. If you are looking for a great finish then take the weld down most of the way with a grinding disc then finish with a flap disc. Flap discs last longer if you try to use the flat rather than the edge.

Tools for tight spaces

Typically, band files are useful for deburring, burnishing and grinding down weld beads or spot welds quickly and easily. They're also helpful at getting into square-shaped pipe for cleaning. Band files work well on internal and external surfaces. Metabo's band files have a head that swivels 270 degrees and can be changed without any tools ...

How to grind, blend and finish a weld seam | Norton Abrasives

Mar 19, 2019· After all, unfinished welds are inherently stronger than finished welds due to the material removal involved in grinding them down. With carbon steel, finishing a weld is a fairly simple process. In the majority of cases, the steel needs …

4 Ways to Grind Metal

Mar 29, 2019· Welds tend to have dips up and down, so holding the grinder at an angle could cause it to gouge into the metal. Keep your grinding disc nearly parallel to the metal so the grinder smoothes out the edges of your weld even to the sheet metal. [8]

Eight tips for effective grinding

Jan 27, 2013· I've started body work on my '53 Bel Air and once I start grinding/smoothing my welds it looks like crap and I have to wonder how much metal I've removed from the surrounding area. I am using a 4" grinder with a hard disc take down the high welds and then a …

Metal Work

The last step is to grind down the weld with a 3M reinforced weld-grinding wheel. Grind it almost flush, maybe leaving a very slight crown. You must avoid touching the panels with the grinder as they can get too thin really fast using this tool. It's better to leave just a little extra rather than go to far.

Grind Down Weld Beads, Spot Welds & Get Into Tight Areas ...

Don't have access to an air compressor but still need to knock down some welds in tight areas? Look no further than the Eastwood Electric Mini Belt sander. Simply plug into any standard 110v outlet and you're ready to start knocking down old welds to separate panels or grinding down the weld beads after you put a new panel on.

grinding down welds?

grinding down welds? 08-16-2009, 07:59 PM. Hello I am I am new to the board and I am wondering how many times can you grind down a weld and reweld on mild steel before it does something to the metal? Will it make it weaker? The reason I ask is because I am not happy with the welds on my car frame. I am using a mm185 with the settings on 4 and 4 ...

Weld Grinding | 3M Abrasives

Whether you're looking for speed, ease-of-use or long abrasive life, our fiber discs, flap discs and depressed center grinding wheels take down welds quickly to move your project onto the next step. Partner with 3M to take advantage of decades of abrasive innovation and the industry's top weld grinding technology and expertise.

Choosing the Right Abrasive for Weld Grinding Article ...

Oct 13, 2015· Bonded abrasive thin wheels (grinding wheels) Welds larger than ½ in. wide by ½ in. high – use 5-in. diameter or larger to reduce the number of wheel changes needed. Welds smaller than ½-in. wide by ½-in. high – use 5-in. diameter or smaller to reduce the weight and improve ease of use for smaller welds.

A 'weld

If you have a gas tungsten arc weld (GTAW), for example, 80 grit will be enough to grind down the weld and finish the surface in one step. Next, dry polishing with 900 grit will result in a mirror finish without polishing additives. Both grits can be used on any variable-speed angle grinder.

Cutting and Grinding Tools for Welding

After welding a joint, it's a common practice to grind a weld bead down, using an angle grinder. (Cover weld beads are usually kept in tact, but root and fill passes in pipe welding are frequently grinded.) So an angle grinder is a standard tool of the trade. In addition to finishing surfaces, they're also used to create beveled edges for plate ...

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