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Mineral: Columbite-(Fe): Fe++Nb2O6; Comments: Dark, coaly black, weathered granular ferrocolumbite. This specimen was originally identified as samarskite-(Y) and corrected by Fred Davis who studied the locality. Location: Spinelli Samarskite …


General Columbite-(Fe) Information : Chemical Formula: Fe++Nb2O6 : Composition: Molecular Weight = 337.66 gm Niobium 55.03 % Nb 78.72 % Nb 2 O 5: Iron 16.54 % Fe 21.28 % FeO: Oxygen 28.43 % O: 100.00 % 100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE


58 entries of Columbite-(Fe) Mineral Gallery Albite var. Cleavelandite with Columbite-(Fe) from Emmons Quarry, Uncle Tom Mountain, Greenwood, Oxford County, Maine Albite, Columbite-(Fe), Beryl from Consolidated Quarry, Georgetown, Sagadahoc County, Maine

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Columbite definition, a black, crystalline mineral, iron niobate, (Fe, Mn)Nb2O6, the principal ore of niobium, an end member of a series of solid solutions in which manganese and tantalum combine to form tantalite. See more.

Columbite: The mineral columbite

Columbite is the most important mineral containing the rare element niobium and is its main ore. The name Columbite has been discredited by the IMA, with the more specific designations of Columbite-(Fe) (also known as Ferrocolumbite ), and Columbite-(Mn) (also known as Manganocolumbite ) being used for this mineral's IMA-accepted nomenclature.


Columbite-(Fe) - Terminated, good, black crystal. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.


The crystal has complex forms and is accompanied by a 2.5cm side car crystal on one side. Blades of golden-yellow muscovite are prevalent on the backside and a little on the front. A commanding and hefty (approx 260 grams) Columbite-(Fe) crystal - this is a significant example of the species for the display quality and the size range.

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Columbite, hard, black (often iridescent), heavy oxide mineral of iron, manganese, and niobium, (Fe, Mn)Nb 2 O 6. Tantalum atoms replace niobium atoms in the crystal structure to form the mineral tantalite, which is similar but much more dense.These minerals are the most abundant and widespread of the naturally occurring niobates and tantalates and are important ores, their elements niobium ...


Columbite-(Fe) - We do not have a specific locality for this specimen, however if I had to choose it would be Tin Mountain, which is rich in Montebrasite. the large, dull black Ferrocolumbite crystal attached to the Montebrasite shows a few good faces and is 4 x 4.5cm and is 1.3cm wide. The Black Hills are known for their zoned pegmatites and the "Columbite-Tantalite" series is found in most ...


Columbite-(Fe) is a mineral that is fairly common rarely available as a faceted gem mostly since it is opaque black to brownish black. However, it could be somewhat attractive having its vitreous to luster that is sub-metallic when its surfaces tarnish and become iredescent. Columbite-(Fe) is relatively hard with a Mohs hardness of 6.0 and


Columbite-(Fe)-Columbite-(Mn) Series mineral data, information about Columbite-(Fe)-Columbite-(Mn) Series, its properties and worldwide locations.

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Tantalite forms a solid solution series with Columbite known as the Columbite-Tantalite series. Tantalite is the tantalum-rich member, and Columbite is the niobium-rich member. Tantalite is named after its tantalum content, and, together with Columbite, are the most important minerals containing the rare element tantalum.


Columbite-(Fe) is a fairly common mineral but rarely available as a faceted gem mostly because it is opaque black to brownish black. However, it can be somewhat attractive with its vitreous to sub-metallic luster and when its surfaces tarnish and become iredescent.

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Tantalite, tantalum-rich variety of the mineral columbite (q.v.) with the chemical formula (Fe,Mn)(Ta,Nb)2O6. Tantalite is the principal ore of the metal


Columbite-(Fe)-Tantalite-(Fe) Series and the Columbite-(Fe)-Columbite-(Mn) Series. Formerly known as columbite and ferrocolumbite. ... the mid-17th century in a place called Nautneague (now regarded as Haddam, Connecticut, USA). The specimen was from the mineral collection of John Winthrop (1606–1676), governor of Connecticut and was given to ...

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Tveit #3 Feldspar Quarry, Iveland, Agder, Norway - Very rare crystal  grown inside a mica package. These crystals are typical of this location.

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Columbite properties and occurrences assignment point columbite also called niobite niobitetantalite and columbate fe mnnb 2 o 6 is a black mineral group that is an ore of niobiumit is a black mineral typically occurring as dense tabular crystals...


Columbite-(Mn) Plumbopyrochlore Comments: Yellow-brown plumbopyrochlore crystalline crust over black manganocolumbite grain.Such plumbopyrochlore-manganocolumbite ovoids with different grade of replacement are very typical for the locality. Location: Amazonite pegmatites of Ploskaya Mt, Western Keivy Massif, Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia.


Columbite-(Fe) - This is a 1 lb 3 oz xl with 5 good sides and a scaly coating I have not bothered to clean off. TheLondonderry Lithium deposit is a pegmatite, which according to Mindat is now used for road gravel. Too bad... . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at …

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Columbite (Fe) Mineral information data and . 9 5 2001· From the type specimen Hatchett named the new element columbium (now called niobium). The current species columbite (Fe) retains the old root name and has the suffix (Fe) to indicate the dominance of iron in the species. Columbite was the second species named from . Live Chat


McDougall Minerals Google Search for Columbite-(Fe) Mineral News Website Link Rock and Mineral Shows Google Search for Columbite-(Fe) Weinrich Minerals, Inc. Google Search for Columbite-(Fe) Ask about Columbite-(Fe) here : Ask-A-Mineralogist from the Mineralogical Society of America Mindat.org's Discussion Groups Original Rockhounds Discussion ...

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Mineral Data, Mineralienatlas Lexikon, Columbite-(Fe) Handbook of Mineralogy (Anthony et al.), 3 (1997), 192. Tidying up mineral names: an IMA-CNMNC scheme for suffixes, hyphens and diacritical marks: Mineral.


The mineral group tantalite [(Fe, Mn)Ta 2 O 6] is the primary source of the chemical element tantalum.It is chemically similar to columbite, and the two are often grouped together as a semi-singular mineral called coltan or "columbite-tantalite" in many mineral guides. However, tantalite has a much greater specific gravity than columbite (8.0+ compared to columbite's 5.2).

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columbite tantalite minerals_Columbite also called niobite, niobitetantalite and columbate [(Fe, Mn)Nb 2 O 6], is a black mineral group that is an ore of niobium. …


04.DB.35 Columbite-(Mg) (Mg,Fe,Mn)(Nb,Ta)2O6 Pcan 2/m 2/m 2/m 04.DB.35 Tantalite-(Fe) FeTa2O6 Pcan 2/m 2/m 2/m 04.DB.35 Columbite-(Fe) FeNb2O6 Pcan 2/m 2/m 2/m


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Jan 01, 2020· Columbite-(Fe) Columbite is the only Nb-bearing mineral present in the carbonatite-associated iron oxide mineralization at Gleibat Lafhouda. Columbite occurs closely associated with the iron oxide phases and rarely associated with apatite . The size of the columbite minerals from the Gleibat Lafhouda varies from 30 μm to 2 mm and sometimes ...


Columbite-(Fe) Wenger M, Armbruster T, Geiger C A (1991) Cation distribution in partially ordered columbite from the Kings Mountain pegmatite, North Carolina American Mineralogist 76 1897-1904: 1991: 0: 100: 0001436: Columbite-(Fe)

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